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Lucy's Granola

One Saturday morning six years ago, Lucy forgot to bake a cake for the monthly library bake sale in her small town of East Blue Hill, Maine. Always thinking, Lucy took the big batch of granola she had just made, split it into mason jars and took it down to the bake sale. The granola sold out quickly and soon neighbors were coming to Lucy’s door requesting more. The rest, as they say, is history!









What People are Saying

“Her extra seedy variety is nutty, not too sweet and generally rather light for a granola. Sweetened with honey and maple syrup from a local farm it’s one of the better-balanced granolas you’ll find on any store shelf” — Joe Capuano from Zingerman’s


“Take it from me, when we tested these new trail mixes from Lucy’s not only did I go through the roof, pretty much everyone in our tasting did so too.  I think it’s the simplicity of the mixes–and no added salt, plus the quality of the nuts and fruit. ” 

–Patrick, CEO, Woodstock Farmers’ Market

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Lucy’s Granola Toffee Crunch neither tastes too wholesome nor too indulgent; it packs in plenty of bittersweet chocolate flavor without too much sweetness. We’d eat it out of hand or as an ice cream topping. -PopSugar





When Lucy started to bake it at home, her family and friends simply could not get enough of it.

What else could she do but go into business with the best granola on the market?

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