Lucy's granola

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About Lucy's granola


Lucy is as mindful of making good granola as she is of keeping the process simple. She uses local ingredients whenever possible. Many products come from independent businesses and travel miles are kept to a minimum. If only coconuts and almonds grew in Maine, Lucy would buy those here, too!

All of Lucy’s Granola products are made, packaged and shipped from Lucy’s 1840s Maine cape farmhouse. The certified commercial kitchen dedicated to making our products looks across a sloping meadow to a sandy cove. Beyond are the wind-driven waves of Blue Hill Bay and spruce-studded islands whose most frequent visitors are bald eagles and harbor seals. Running a ‘cottage business’ allows Lucy to be flexible. She is very willing to hand craft special orders for you with, say, all organic ingredients, without fruit, without nuts, or with different oils. Just let Lucy know what you might like.