Blue Hill Fair

Dear Granola Friends

It’s amazing the difference a few days can make. Last Monday it was still crazy summer—friends, beach, Blue Hill Fair (Imogen won the blueberry pie contest!), a spontaneous large dinner on the terrace—and today the house is quiet. All children are now away in their correct places (Vermont, Minnesota and 6th grade class room) and order is returning to our lives.

The Granola elves were frantically busy all summer but today we have a quiet two woman toffee day, messes are being put away, Clifton is repairing things like mad, I am sorting out my desk and dreaming of both the quiet of fall and the delights of next summer already.

I enjoy and appreciate the fall and it’s incredible sparkling beauty but I love the fun fun fun of summer more. We had so many parties, sailing trips, swims, bonfires at the beach, markets, visitors, dinners, and weddings—it was all perfectly lovely and exhausting! We celebrated everything possible from the Perseid Meteor showers to a friend’s first grandchild’s visit to a dear friend’s remarriage. I want to live my life to the fullest and best I can. I am pleased to say that I did that this summer!

Now let’s talk granola. This year I am determined to be ahead of the game. I know it’s only September but I want you to consider the holidays for just a moment—let Lucy’s Granola take care of all your holiday, family and corporate gifts. We do a great job and everyone on your list would love some granola, trail mix or toffee. We can put together as many parcels as you want and you need do nothing more than supply a mailing list! We can even add some 44 North coffee and North Woods Gourmet Girl jams. In addition to making your life easier, you would be supporting small women owned businesses in one of your favorite places. More emails coming on this subject soon, so be warned!

In the meantime, you can stock up on healthy and happy snacks and treats for your family near and far. Our snack pack is the perfect care package for stressed out or homesick college kids and our trail mixes are a terrific solution to that hunger between school and sports practice. And nothing starts the work day off better than one of our granolas.

I hope your summer was grand and that you are able to fully enjoy all that your autumn has to offer. Here in East Blue Hill we have changing colors, glistening waters, apple pressings and bountiful gardens to look forward to in the next few weeks. And for now, who could ask for anything more?