Double Rainbow

Dear Granola Friends–

Sometimes life gives you a double rainbow so perfect you expect to see unicorns grazing in the meadow. If you are lucky, you snap a picture of it to show your friends!


As you can imagine we are in the middle of summer craziness here in coastal Maine. For a few short weeks there are traffic jams in downtown Blue Hill and every register at Tradewinds, the local supermarket, has a line. We welcome all the visitors and seasonal neighbors who remind us what a joy it is to summer in Maine.

Although it would be nice to spend the day at the beach, we have been busy making and selling granola! It has been so great to see everyone at the Farmer’s Markets and make new friends. If you are in the neighborhood ¬†stop by and say hello.

We were surprised and delighted when we received this video last week from the Maine Film Guys. Totally unsolicited and so funny. So lovely when other people do your work for you! We love it when our customers send us photos and films (!) Keep your news coming.

Think of Lucy’s Granola as you look ahead to end of summer house guests, birthdays, and the beginning of school. We have all the healthy, happy snacks and treats you need.

Look forward to hearing from you and hoping that you catch your own rainbow soon.

Luckily yours,