Fall days

Dear Granola Friends,

I hope that all of you who are in the path of Hurricane Matthew are safe and sound. Here on the coast of Maine we are enjoying some perfect Fall days and it is important to count each of them as a gift. Whatever else, we must not take for granted the beauty around us.
I don’t have any big news. I really just wanted to share some photos – the naughty cows keep escaping from their rather brown field because the grass is literally greener on the other side of the road! So now I have two rather big steers in my front garden. Not what a girl from Central London grew up expecting!

My son Sam and I are on a quest to gather the most apples for Phil and Deborah’s community cider pressing on Saturday. We spent yesterday afternoon with him at the top of our neighbor’s numerous apple trees and me catching the fruit he lobbed at me! Definitely more fun than picking up a bag of apples at the market.
I have decided I want to get really good at pie making and have been practicing like mad. This is my latest effort – as you can see I am struggling with the beauty factor. Anyway, based on the clean plates, Clifton and assorted friends and neighbors don’t seem to mind!

Of course, the very best way to use fall fruits — apples, pears, cranberries — that doesn’t require any pastry skills is the always delicious apple crumble┬ámade with Lucy’s Granola and for extra indulgence Lucy’s Chicken Feed. This is perfect warm with ice cream for dessert but is just as good with yogurt for breakfast.

Speaking of granola, remember that we can easily solve your breakfast, snack and special treat needs. We can also take all the stress out of your holiday shopping by putting together truly wonderful gift boxes for your family, friends, clients and employees. Drop me a line and let us help you.