Hello from Maine

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This is my first newsletter for so long and it’s really great to have time to focus and write.  As many of you know, I’ve been very distracted with family matters in the UK and spent so much of last year in London and traveling back and forth.  This is a new year and hopefully we will all have a happier, easier, better year.  I feel like I have time to think more clearly and do more for everyone, my family and myself than I had.  I hope you all do too.  It feels good.

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It’s late January and Valentine’s Day is coming along and there is plenty of time to order a special gift from Lucy’s Granola for those you love and/or appreciate!  Our Sweetheart Bundle and All Things Toffee Bundle are great gifts for anyone who loves chocolate.  Our toffee bars, jars and bags with their bright red labeling are perfect for the holiday.  Our Acadia and Cadillac Trail Mixes both have chocolate mixed in with the fruit and nuts and our Penobscot Trail Mix provides fruit and nuts in a bright red labelled bag. Remember to write a love note too that we can include.  The brownie mix and pancake mixes would also make great easy Valentine’s Day treats.

Our news is pretty good otherwise. Clifton had a knee replacement at the end of November and is doing really well with his recovery.  It’s hard to see your partner in pain but he’s been brave and was in great shape before – a lesson to us aging baby boomers to stay fit and moving.  I’m even contemplating using our fab brand new swimming pool in Blue Hill – it takes a lot to get me in a pool but I think I’m ready.  Our amazing local supermarket’s owners (Tradewinds) – Chuck and Belinda Lawrence have given our town a new pool and gym followed by a new (just about to open) indoor track and court.  We are so lucky to be at the receiving end of their benevolence which will really alter the health of the Blue Hill peninsula. 

Other news includes Cecily is loving living in London, Imogen has gone back to school in Minneapolis doing a Masters degree and Sam is hopefully about to graduate from high school and launch off on some life adventures before college. 

I have missed doing these newsletters and it feels good to be back in the saddle.  I’m trying to produce them myself so I am learning but it may not be perfect.  I hope all our granola friends are well and needing granola because we want to send you lots of parcels.  Stay well and please be in touch.  We love hearing from you.