Last Minute Gifting?

Dog in snowy field overlooking ocean

We have been lovely and busy sending out parcels and gifts but can continue to do so until the very last minute (who minds getting late gifts – not me!).  Let us know what we can do for you and we will – we have wrapping tissue in so many colors, lovely boxes (new and recycled) and enough toffee, brownie mix, granola, trail mix etc to please everyone.

It snowed just after my last newsletter so I thought I’d include some pics – it was so pretty here.  We then also had a crazy 3.5 inches of rain on Monday this week and the beach road almost washed out and we had to ford it!  We are living the life here in East Blue Hill!  Actually, we really are – we went to see a full Messiah (every last aria included) at Winter Harbor on Sunday and it was amazing – must be one of the most Northern and Eastern full performances in the US this year – incredible quality!  I can’t stop humming the Amen Chorus!  Sunset and new moon picture are tonight – taken about 2 hours ago!

Be well, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays and May Peace Reign.  We can only hope . . .


East Blue Hill Road with snow and Lucy's Granola World Headquarters in the white house on the right
Orange sunset with sliver of a moon along with white pine tree and ocean