Pack Program from Feeding America

Dear Granola Friends

From our tiny place in Maine I am more determined than ever to do good things—make good things, employ good people, appreciate my good husband more, pay my taxes, encourage my children to do good (and they are) and love more.  I will do what’s right for my community and my friends and my people and my country. Mostly however I will do more to look after those who will need our help more than ever.  So from today onwards Lucy’s Granola is going to be a channel for support and help to those who need it.

Every 1 lb bag of granola sold through this website will have a donation of 50c made by Lucy’s Granola to a chosen cause. From now until Christmas it will be a charity I often support, one that always makes me cry—Back Pack Program from Feeding America. I find it especially unbearable that for many children some of the only food they eat is at school. I hated school food! So we will donate to Feeding America’s weekend backpack program. Imagine dreading the end of school because you know you are going to be hungry. Too awful to think about. I like the attempt to normalize the help through innocuous backpacks filled with enough calories to get the children through the weekend.

It is not too late for Thanksgiving delivery, if you order by Tuesday! Just imagine what our Chicken Feed baking mix could do for your candied yams, fruit crisps, and pumpkin muffins!  So order away.  With your help Lucy’s Granola will send a check at Christmas for lots of extra dollars from all our granola friends – thank you in advance.

We also would love to do all your holiday gifts for you. I know it’s hard to think of anything so trivial at the moment but why not let Lucy’s Granola send parcels for you. We have bundles that are just our products, and we have some that include two other women’s owned Maine businesses as usual (44 North Coffee and North Woods Gourmet Girl jams and caramel sauces). Or, best of all we can tailor a package just for you.

Send healthy, wholesome, useful gifts that will give your friends the strength and resolve to do what the next year holds for them. We want to be your partners in health and giving.

Let us remain true to what’s right and good.

Your friend from Maine