What does Gluten-Free mean?

Many people these days want to eat foods without wheat or gluten. My  gluten free granola is made with certified gluten free oats (such as Bob’s Red Mills), no wheat products such as are in the other granolas (wheat flakes, wheat germ etc) and we thoroughly clean our kitchen, oven, racks, equipment etc. Our kitchen is not certified gluten free as we make our other products in the same space. We do clean and do our best to be gluten free.

Where do you get your ingredients?

My ingredients come from a variety of sources but I do try and buy as locally as possible. My main food distributor is a Maine company based in Lewiston rather than a multi-national company. I don’t let any deliveries occur with 18 wheeler trucks as I don’t want them traveling on our country roads so I am limited in who I buy from. I get my honey and maple syrup from a lovely Maine company called Maine Maple and most of my more esoteric ingredients are sourced through our local Coop via Associated and UNFI. The 18 wheelers stop in Blue Hill, not East Blue Hill. My gluten free oats either come from my distributor, direct from Bob’s (via UPS) or I buy them with a friend and her husband delivers them in his truck! I obviously buy American whenever I can but it’s not always possible. Not too much coconut is grown at home!

Where do you make your granola?

Right here in beautiful East Blue Hill on the coast of Maine. If you look at a map of America we are about almost as remote as you can get and still just about run a business! I think the sea air blowing up our field is what makes it so good.

How do I order your granola?

The order button on the website will take you right to our on-line shop. However, you are also welcome to email me or call with your orders, especially if it special or you just want to connect with a real person.

How long have you been in business?

This is our sixth year and we are still growing nicely. I have just brought out a new line of trail mixes which will be in the shops as soon as I stop changing the labels!