Dear Granola Friends,
I should have written ages ago, but the long winter got old and then spring rushed and found us. It is so busy here in our tiny short Maine Spring – the gardens go mad, the grass starts to grow, every part of the house and yard needs attention, all the winter stuff needs to be put away, tyres changed – we can’t possibly keep up!

In addition, Sam (10) and I took a lovely trip to London, Stratford and Yorkshire in the hope of instilling some culture and English beauty into him, as well as an overdue family visit.  We had a totally fabulous time going to the theatre, walking in London and eating great food. We visited the National Gallery, Warwick Castle, my favorite walk in the Yorkshire Dales, family parties, old friends and an amazing James Bond-esque RIB (rigid inflatable boat) river trip where I was sure we could only end up in the water!  Obviously the highlight for the 10 year old was the visit to the film studios where Harry Potter was filmed – it was really cool to see the real sets, models, costumes etc.  Even my Mum (81 this year!) who had never read the books or seen the movies was impressed!

Anyway, back to our lovely real life and the end of the school year.  Imogen is finishing her first year in Minnesota, Cec is graduating from our local high school and is off to the University of Vermont, and Sam is a rising 5th grader.  All is good and the busy summer season approaches.  Children will be all over the world and in East Blue Hill.  A full summer camp schedule has been shamelessly booked for naughty boys including a sleep away one – what we will do for a bit of peace.  Clifton is madly busy reorganizing granola storage and logistics when not dividing plants for the inevitable library plant sale (Memorial Day weekend, Saturday at 8am for the world’s nicest plant sale in Blue Hill, Maine).

We have been incubating chicks (never again as they stink) and letting one of our hens go broody – the chicks are the sweetest things ever.  Sam spends hours talking to them about important things (Harry Potter and James Bond, I imagine) but they are wonderful.  The pigs are now big and greedy – I am scared of them but they are so funny and behave like such pigs!

Thanks so much as ever and I hope you are all as well as can be.