The Holidays are Coming . . .

View of field leading down to ocean on a clear, blue sky day

It’s been an age since I last wrote a newsletter and it’s good to be at it again.  The year has, once again, flown by and it’s about time to think of the wonderful/dreaded/crazy holiday season however you regard it!  We are here, as ever and would love to send your gifts out for you – we can do custom combinations, any of our website combos and can combine with delicious local coffee from 44 North, local jam and anything else you would like to send.  We have included Tinderhearth loaves in the past and can be as flexible as you would like.  Custom notes will of course be included.  The more the merrier.

Black and white dog sitting on rocks with mountains in the background on a blue sky day. The dog is holding a bag of Lucy's Granola in its mouth.

It’s only 3:30 pm and the sun has almost gone down.  I actually love the long nights and short days – being stoic and cozy but I know it’s hard on many.  Blue Hill is very quiet already but holiday events will keep us going – sing along Messiah’s, concerts, cookie swaps, bridge parties – you know how wild we get around here!  Actually, one of my Fall highlights was learning to play Mahjong which was really fun.  It’s challenging and social and you get to feel like you’re in the movies!

Lucy of Lucy's Granola on a street in Paris holding her hand above the entrance to the Louvre museum.

I recently hurt my back and was totally out of action for a week, starting on Thanksgiving morning.  Once again I missed Thanksgiving but was in so much pain I did not even care.  Luckily we were not the hosts and my beautiful Tide Mills turkey was boned, rolled and stuffed by Sergei and Serena next door.  I had prepared all our bits ahead so Clifton could finish the salad, stuffing, pies and cranberry sauce etc easily.  It’s still a bit wobbly but I feel lucky to be on my feet again.  I had just come back from a busy and sometimes stressful visit to London and an amazing 36 hours in Paris and I suspect things were a bit mixed up!  It really makes me appreciate being pain free and well for 99% of the time.  

Things here are mainly good otherwise with Imogen studying and working in Minneapolis, Cecily and Mac, the dog, loving working in London and Sam there too, hopefully gaining his street smarts.  It is quite hard work and Sam is on a steep learning curve!!!!  He just started a seasonal job in the Lego Shop so who knows what he will do next. I don’t think he’s touched a piece of Lego for at least 8 years but he used to love doing the expensive difficult sets . . .

Clifton is good and engaged in the constant battle of deer Vs garden!  We were lucky until the very end when the darlings ate all the parsley and parsnip tops but we had won the battle until October.  He has become a dahlia expert and the house was filled with amazing bouquets all summer and fall.  There are so many types and colors – it makes me so happy to see them and give them away.  

We are here to answer any questions, send your packages and make the best products we can.  Our elves are wonderful and I thank them all for their patience and great work.  Stay in touch and we can’t wait to see you or serve you soon. I hope you are all healthy and happy in these complicated days – being a Mainer is not quite what it used to be.  We have entered the 21st Century and real world now and it’s not such a great place at times.  

Thank you all for your orders past, present and future.